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Custom Process

Step 1: Concept Sketch

With information provided to us regarding the theme
or event, the quantity needed and the budget range
of the project our design team will work together to
provide you basic concepts for your award. Sketches
of concepts will be created and emailed to you.


Custom 1

Step 2: Professional Rendering

After the basic concept sketch has your final
approval our design team proceeds to produce a
virtual rendering in full color. There is no charge
for full color virtual renderings because we feel
this is a vital step in the decision making process.


 Custom 2

Step 3: CAD Blueprint

When the virtual rendering has been
approved and the perfect award has been
chosen our production engineer proceeds to
create a CAD drawing/blueprint with exact
dimensions and specifications to ensure that
your award will be manufactured with the
highest precision possible.


Custom 3

Step 4: Final Product

The final product! RecognitionWorx Inc.
is committed to ensuring your complete
satisfaction with your custom order. We can
offer special packaging choices and high end
touches like romance cards, congratulatory
messages and special care instructions to
guarantee success in your award presentation.


 Custom 4